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Holiday In Hope

     Holiday in Hope is a fictional fishing village where the characters, both male and female, are played by me, and where each character is defined, not by a name, but by their trade or profession. It's a project based in photography but has broadened to include photographic cycloramic installations, video, animations, drawing, sound, plays, and narrative fiction. 

     Holiday in Hope has, over the years, evolved into something more than the sum of it's parts. It's become a lens by which ideas are explored. It's an adjective, noun, verb, metaphor, analogy, and virtual space. It's an exploration of community, the human psyche, and place for me to build and destroy walls. It's a place I think of as living in as much as ideas can be born, transformed, erased, and then restructured. It's living in as much as the characters I have created evolve in ways that even I could not predict. 

     Holiday in Hope is an umbrella project that connects the unconnected. Holiday in Hope is a place I once thought of as intrinsically mine and apolitical, but now I see as a place that is essentially political and yet also unclaimed territory. 


This page is currently under construction and will be completed as soon as possible! Thank you for checking and I hope you will come back again. Meanwhile, there are some videos to check out on the Animation & Video page

Or if you would like to know a little bit more about Holiday in Hope, I wrote a play that takes place inside the picture frames of The Glovemaker and the Seamstress. The Accident is a short surreal play about an accident the Seamstress has with her sewing machine and her attempts at getting a new hand made by the Glovemaker. 

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